Exposed:Chris Bosh’s Wife Adrienne Was A Gold Diggin’ Pole Poppin’ Dancer, Installed Butt Implants And A Gay Beard!


Last week, Weezy put Adrienne on blizzast for letting him smash her to smithereens in the day, and now one of her former close friend reveals how Adrienne supposedly got to the top by getting on her back……….

Adrienne moved from Ohio to Cali when she was 19. There she met Lil Wayne, followed him to Louisiana and dated him while he was with Toya. She then moved to NY from there to Atlanta. While in Atlanta she dated John Abraham, Deangelo Hall & Delonte West. Adrienne drove an old Lexus, lived in an apartment and bought all her “lingerie” at Kohl’s.

She had a few hook ups on buddy passes so it looked like she “had her own $”. Deanglo Hall’s wife found out about her and confronted her about sleeping with her husband. Remember she is still sleeping with Lil Wayne, every time he came to Atlanta. She has a younger half sister and Father that live in Gwinnett County Ga in an apartment. She worked for a year at the Pink Pony then Mardi Gras (both strip clubs) while bouncing back and fourth between NY and Ga. She starts dating a “major drug dealer” named Dion in NY. She fought with his baby momma everyday until the BM drove a wedge between her & Dion.

She started working a Scores as a waitress when she met Chris. The story about her and Chris not hanging out for a month after they met is true. Simply because she was still living with Dion at the time. Move forward a few months, she meets his family (cause Chris grandma died). Convinces Chris to fire his cousin & that his PR person should be Tammy (Keith Murry baby momma)aka Adrienne’s friend from NY.

Tammy then tells Chris “you need to up your image” and “you need the family man image”. So he asked Adrienne to marry him, goes on all these family shows and she spreads love peace and happiness. None the less, Chris’s entire family hates her. You will not see ANY pictures of them (his parents or any family) together after the “engagement party” photo. Her click consist of “SharonWilborn” aka DrWibornXl. She is a “urban model” okay!!! Sarah aka she suppose to be a singer?! Is a rich girl from NY that Adrienne kept around for all the hook-ups on things.

She lived with Sarah (while dating Chris and Dion)during the “split from Dion”.I think she had sex with Wade and they are keeping it under wraps. While she was with Wayne he was still “working things out” with Toya. So much for that.

Our source also alleges that not only has Mrs. Bosh been playing the role as Chris’ beard, helping his image so no one suspects his true nature, and in exchange, she gets to live up the good life. The good life also includes some butt implants!


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